The ACS Program has five participant categories in total. These categories enable industry to meet security requirements and avoid undue air cargo transportation delays.

Depending on the category your organization will occupy, the training you will require will be specific to your roles and responsibilities such as:

CIM Team is able to help your organization  target the training you will require as well as identify those persons who must be trained specific to their roles and responsibilities.

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The five Program Participant Categories are:

  • Known Consignor – originates air cargo that has been made secure through a screening process applied at the time of packing.

  • Certified Agent – stores, transports and/or accepts cargo that an authorized Air Cargo Security Program participant has screened and made secure.

  • Regulated Agent – screens cargo on behalf of others to make it secure and subsequently stores and/or transports the secure cargo.
  • Authorized Cargo Administrator – directs the movement of secure cargo without coming into contact with it (i.e., provides logistics services without screening, storing and/or transporting the secure cargo)
  • Account Consignor – originates cargo and has it screened by an authorized participant in the Air Cargo Security Program to make it secure.                                                             ​