Our proven process 

Each member of our group possess the skills and tools needed to generate a comprehensive security plan that can be efficiently implemented and easily managed within your business.


Gap analysis

We survey your site and assess what is the current Program state of readiness when compared to the air cargo security program standards.


Authorized Cargo Representative selection

Based on the site analysis the number of employees who will require ACR training is identified. In basic terms, only persons who have direct access to air cargo will be considered for training.

Procedures and management tools

During the course of generating your business's air cargo security plan our group will work with your team to develop and implement all the required procedures that will guarantee your successful Transport Canada Audit and approval. 

program evaluation

Comprehensive air cargo security evaluation


Our team has a well-deserved reputation for helping each client to become familiar in the fundamentals of the Transport Canada air cargo security program,also known as the "Program".


Then based on the recognition of the Program we move towards evaluating the client's position in the new secure supply chain to define the return value that participation  will provide.

continuing support

After Approval  

Once your business becomes an approved participant in the Program there will be certain periodic steps to follow to maintain your federal approval and our team stays connected with each client to help manage these actions and guarantee their continuous participation in the Program.

‚Äčair cargo security program specialists

"Helping your company in the Authorized Cargo Representation Process"