‚Äčair cargo security program specialists

"Helping your company in the Authorized Cargo Representation Process"

security audits & exercise

Ongoing commitment

A key part in maintaining your continuing participation in the Program requires your business to complete a periodic audit.

Through the audit your business  will have the opportunity to verify the effectiveness in all areas of your security plan.


Dedicated Program Management

Having performed security audits with our clients as they enter year 2 of their participation we help to both maintain their approval and look for possible improvements at the management level.

Testing your strengths 

One of the most effective methods to evaluate any security procedure is to complete a test exercise of the system. 
As part of our ongoing dedication to our clients we have successfully helped build and facilitate security tests that were both a key part of their Program approval management and also served to investigate overall strengths and weaknesses.

If you are a participating business in the Program and wish to discuss any aspects of the Security Audits & Exercises simply contact us to arrange a confidential one to one consultation.